The Best Cookware Today

In order to have even cooking, you need to have the right cookware to do so. Having unevenly cooked food will be a detriment to your meal and a hassle on your taste buds. When you buy a cookware set for yourself or as a gift for your friend’s wedding, Masterchef cookware is the best. It’s difficult to find cookware that’s good, but you can’t go wrong with MasterChef cookware. Its even design is perfect for cooking and it also generates heat faster than other brands, which means quicker cooking times.

Whether you’re sauteeing or boiling, there are MasterChef cookware options available. Cookware sets can be bought, too. MasterChef is a trusted brand by several top-level chefs all around the world. Even the world’s worst cooks can be a professional with the right cookware.

Expanding your culinary horizons start with the right cookware and by having that, you will know what good food tastes like. It’s often underestimated that people buy any cookware they can find on the shelf. For economic reasons, that is a good idea, but all-in-all, you could be wasting your investment. All cookware is not made equally.

What you should look for in quality cookware is not only even heating, but safe handles. Accessories should be able to complement the cookware. With the proper accessories like lids and utensils the cookware is ineffective. Don’t settle for anything less than the best. Buy MasterChef cookware today. The place to buy them is online where you can find sets or individual pots and pans.

The Tim Gunn Save

I admit it. I love those crazy TV shows where creative people compete in order to win a prize. I have a few good reasons, to me, for enjoying this guilty pleasure.

However, I have to clarify. I passionately dislike shows where abuse is heaped upon the contestants, or among the contestants, and accepted in the name of winning. Because to me kindness and grace are the keystones to good behavior and happiness, these are not the shows I watch.

However, I do understand that every good story, therefore every good show, has situations and people that test the character of the participants. It is what they do with that test, and how they overcome it in order to express their gifts in a genuine (kind and graceful) way so that others may be inspired by them that interests me.

This is one reason I loved MasterChef 2012. In that season, Christine Ha, a kind, grace-filled woman, who – incredibly – is also blind, won the cooking challenge. Everyone watching that show must have learned of the possibilities of expressing and sharing their gift against all odds. When others excelled, the camera caught Christine smiling in pleasure at their achievement.

However, one of my favorite shows is Project Runway. I love the creativity, and the unfolding of the participant’s gifts and skills. Whether they win or lose doesn’t matter as much as how they grow into their talent.

As a coach, I appreciate learning more about how to help others by watching how hurdles and pitfalls are overcome and then used as stepping-stones to a better life. Then there is the beauty, wit, and charm of Heidi Klum. She adds elegance to every scene.

Most of all, I watch because of Tim Gunn.

If you know of Tim Gunn, you don’t need me to tell you why I admire him. If you don’t, I suggest you take the time to find out more about him.

However, it is what he did in a recent show, that clearly demonstrates what kindness and grace looks like in action. It is what has made him permanently one of my favorite people. He used his Tim Gunn Save.

Here’s what happened.

The judges eliminated a contestant, Justin. Every other contestant was heartbroken. They huddled around Justin, crying because they didn’t want to see him leave. Sure, it often happens that teammates find it hard to say goodbye, but this was a genuine sadness. He had won all their hearts by being kind and grace-filled. Just because he had tried something new, and it hadn’t worked, was to them, no reason for losing him so soon.

They weren’t alone in this. The live public opinion meter on the TV screen showed that 85% of the public also thought the judges had made a mistake.

Into the room came Tim, just as heartbroken as the rest. Visibly distressed and moved, he used his one save for the season and put Justin back into the show.

I sighed a big sigh of happiness and thought how often we all need that Tim Gunn Save. We can use it on ourselves. We can use it with others.

The good news is that we can use ours as often as we wish. Since watching that show I have used it for myself a few times for things I did that made me feel as if I had failed at a task. I have a few deeply buried mistakes I am going to dig up soon, and give myself a Tim Gunn Save for them.

Then I am going to look deep into my heart and see if there is anyone else I have been harboring unforgiving feelings about, and give them a Tim Gunn Save.

We all sometimes make mistakes, and we all occasionally need a Tim Gunn Save. Imagine what it would feel like to have people believe in, and support you, even after making what appears as a mistake, and then to have Tim walk into your life and give you another chance.

It’s really like that you know.

Divine Love believes in all of us. As we exhibit kindness and grace, Love will always walk into the room and give you and me another chance. Tim has given us a wonderful, and very visible, symbol of what that looks like, and for that Tim, I thank you.

Kitchen Knife Guide – How to Select the Best Tool for the Job

Knives are the basic kitchen tool, that should get a great deal of attention when looking for excellent culinary results. One of the first secrets of becoming an excellent cook is having a proper selection of knives, which are well kept and maintained.


Knives come in various shapes and sizes, as each one of them is meant for a specific type of job. Below I will show you the most essential types of knives and their basic use.

Office knife

Office (or paring) knives are the smallest but one of the most important knives in the kitchen. They are used for fine nimble work – things like slicing garlic, chopping a shallot, shaping carrots etc. Blade length is usually around 3.9 in. or 100mm.

Chef / Demi Chef knife

Chef knife is the king of knives for every chef. Sizes are important, and they vary from demi chef sizes (about 9.8 in. or 250 mm) to chef sizes (12 in. or 300 mm) or more. A modern chef’s knife is a utility knife designed to perform well at many differing kitchen tasks, rather than excelling at any one in particular. It can be used for mincing, slicing, and chopping vegetables, slicing meat, and disjointing large cuts.

Boning knife

The blade of a boning knife is specially tempered to make it very hard so that it can withstand cuts into and knocks against hard ingredients, like bones. So, if you are cutting up a chicken, for example, this is the knife to use. Blade length 5 in. or 130mm.

Filleting knife

The filleting knife is used for fish. The blade is thin and, in contrast to the other knives, very bendy, which makes filleting much easier.

Sharpening steel

Sharpening steels in domestic kitchens are almost always too short. Professional chef’s use steels that have a 300mm or 12 in. steel, and this makes the world of a difference.


Knives come in various brands, models and quality levels. When buying knives, make sure that the knife is properly balanced in your hand, meaning that when you are holding it at the base of the handle, it should be evenly balanced.

Second, knife should be made of durable, preferably forged steel. The blade should be sharpened evenly from the cutting edge up. Overly thick blades are usually a sign of poor quality steel. Some of the most renowned brands of knives are Global, Victorinox, WMF, JA Henckels, Wusthof and others.


In order to maintain your knives you should follow a few basic and simple rules:

  • Always wash your knives after usage in cold or temperate water. Washing your knives with hot water will dull the blade. NEVER WASH YOUR KNIVES IN THE DISH WASHER!!
  • To maintain the sharpness of your knife use a sharpening steel. Always sharpen in the same direction, using the same angle and stroke. If your knife is too dull, do not try to sharpen it with a steel. Steels are only used to maintain sharpness!
  • Sharpen knives with a sharpening stone. Always use manual stones. Always soak the stone in water prior to sharpening. Make sure you always use the same stroke and angle. NEVER USE ELECTRIC GRINDING STONES FOR SHARPENING!! You will permanently damage your knife as you will eat away the blade too quickly!

All the details about buying and maintaining your knives are very well presented in the kitchen knife guidebook, which I strongly recommend to all aspiring kitchen chefs and can be found HERE!