Please Sir, I Want More, and More, and More

Food appreciation in Australia reached fever pitch this year as Masterchef hit our screens. It seemed everybody, including a bunch of nobodies, wanted a slice of the action. What is interesting is that even the food writers got a cut of the kudos.

No longer the measured realm of gourmet magazines, online foodie sites and weekly newspaper editorials, the food buzz blurb has bubbled over into the lives and homes of mainstream Australia.

Matt Preston, esteemed food writer and internationally renowned critic, set our screens on fire with his personal largesse and his professional prowess. Looking like a character fresh out of an Oscar Wilde novel, he minced and munched his way from relative obscurity to prevalent personality.

Love him or hate him you gotta give him something for the way he effortlessly engineered his rise from food critic to foodie celebrity with all the aplomb of an Adriano Zumbo croquembouche. And he surely deserves recognition for insinuating old school terminology into the ordained drudgery of water cooler conversation. Cravats may be this years black.

You would not be alone if you wondered whether the obvious marketability of Julie’s cookbook had anything to do with her Masterchef win. Even Donna Hay professed to want a copy, which is a high accolade when bestowed by the Aussie cookbook queen herself.

In fact, this wide scale interest in food writing and cook books has been on the rise like a Jaques Reymond soufflé for a number of years now. It seems people in this country like watching, learning, practicing and reading about the many joys of food production and its myriad counterparts.

Please sir, we’d like some more.

Five Of The Best Free iPad Apps

A brand new iPad that you are so proud about that you can’t stop showing it off? But what is an iPad if it does not have the best of apps. But unfortunately, when you think iPad, you probably think money because all of the cool apps that you have been using for free on your iPhone will perhaps be a paid option in their incarnation for the iPad. But hang in there! What if we told you that you can get a whole host of iPad apps for free? Yes! You heard us right. We have taken the trouble to dig out some spectacular apps for you that come absolutely free of cost. So read on and be amazed!


Are you a self professed bookworm who cannot think of life without an e -reader? Well, you no longer need an e-reader device if you have the kindle app on your iPad. In here you will literally find a whole host of books that will suit your palette. You can also get the option to optimise your reading experience via this app.

eBay for iPad

Are you an online shopaholic and find yourself on eBay more than you pop up on Facebook or Twitter? Well, needless to say then that the eBay for iPad will be an absolute delight for you? Not only is this app efficient and fast it displays the most important part of the product in the main results page. It also comes with speedy sorting options. Once you have used the eBay for iPad, you will never feel the need to go back on the full website on your PC or laptop again!

RJ Voyager

Do you always find yourself shuffling tracks for the parties that you throw for your friends and your pals simply groove to your beats? Here’s one app that will really get you going as a DJ. This is an app that lets you choose from hundreds of bundled tracks. You can turn the parts on and off as desired and can go wild with the edit parameters. In all, this is an app that is a must have for music lovers!


Do you often fancy yourself in the MasterChef kitchen and love cooking up a storm for family and friends? Well then, this is an app that is bound to delight you! Not only will you find thousands of recipes at your fingertips, you will also find a shopping list for most recipes that can be super helpful. As long as you have an internet connection, there is no stopping you on Epicurious!

Yell Search

This is an app that will delight the explorers who often find themselves in unfamiliar localities. When you are travelling in some place unknown, you no longer have to rely on just the locals for information. The Yell Search is an app that will help you find all the amenities that you are looking for in the locality and serves as a great guide. It’s fast and efficient and also helps you save favourites for you to access later.

This is a comprehensive list of the best free iPad apps you will find for free. Download them today and your iPad will be your best friend for life!

Cook Your Food Like a Masterchef

Are you interested in cooking masterchef recipes like that cooked in 5 star restaurant. If yes then it can done by becoming a masterchef of your own kitchen and astonish our family members or friends. It is reality that we all can cooked food and some of us cooked food very well. But we don’t have proper knowledge of cooking food like a masterchef to retreat our friends and family members. However we genuinely want to cook similarly they cook.

Cooking is really advised as a creative activity and a talent but fortunately cooking tasty dishes can be learned. Still there are certain secrets used by restaurant chefs that will help you to cook food like masterchef. By using these secrets you can modify your cooking from good to superior and better to mouth-watering. If you are a good cook you should acquire the ideas of professionals used in restaurants to stand out your talent of cooking in front of your family and friends. Learning the secrets of a restaurant chef not only saves you money and time but it also makes it manageable for you to be confident and be natural whenever your skill is needed in the kitchen.

Now the question arises what kind of secrets you needed to know that a restaurant chef know? Here are few secrets by using which you can cooked dishes like masterchef. First tip is using the pickle juice. Use pickle juice mixed with olive oil and spices to make a quick salad dressing or add flavor. Another idea is add a tablespoon of lemon juice each quart of water when cooking rice to keep it soft and decrease sticking. If you are a new cook or you wanted to improve your cooking techniques then some secrets of the chefs will help you to cook right dishes. Not only this it is also helps you to keep the recipes at your fingertips. So that you can make them whenever you want. You can start this anytime using the modern-day techniques and becoming a chef of your own kitchen.

People often amaze as to why their home cooked food does not taste like as hotel food whether they tried to cook food hardly. There is something always missing or something goes wrong which makes it different. In order to add that taste of chef to your food, you can add some level in your current recipes. Study about what the Chefs are doing, learn the trends. Some of these secrets are provided on net, books and even on TV shows like masterchef Australia. All this will help you to prepare food like a restaurant chef. When you cook your usual recipes with the help of some extra or advanced techniques you automatically pick up your cooking skills. Your guests will notice the difference and you will get compliments from them. If you want to impress your family and friends be daring in your cooking and cook things that you have not tried before.